Jennifer Baum, founder, publisher, acquisitions editor and art director (and coffee-maker)

Jennifer founded Scribe Publishing Company in 2011 to fulfill a lifelong dream of working with books. She has worked in publishing since 2003 as assistant poetry editor at Western Michigan University’s Third Coast Literary Magazine, and after that worked in a variety of publishing mediums, including newspaper and magazine, before making the leap into book publishing in 2011 when she launched Scribe Publishing Company. Today Scribe Publishing Company’s books are distributed nationally by IPG and over half of the titles that Jennifer has shepherded through publication as editorial and art director have won national and regional awards.

This is a wax figure of Ellen Degeneres.

Jennifer has held executive leadership roles within the Midwest Independent Publishers Association since 2015, and today serves as the association’s chair of the thirty-year-old Midwest Book Awards program.

Prior to Scribe Publishing Company, Jennifer was editor of the 120-year-old Detroiter Magazine, and prior to that, editor of a community newspaper (read more on LinkedIn.) She holds a double Bachelor’s degree in English and German from Western Michigan University (2003). Find out more about Jennifer’s interests here.

Mel Corrigan, business and marketing manager, strategist (and publishing enthusiast)

Mel Corrigan

Mel started off as an academic (combustion) researcher and then worked as an engineer in the auto industry before switching gears to publishing. She met Jennifer in 2012; after learning of her consulting business and publishing company, Mel just had to work for her. But how? A few months later, Jennifer’s Facebook post seeking an intern encouraged Mel to message her with something like, “So, I know you know I’m an engineer, but . . . ” And the rest is history.

Jen and Mel at Chef Kelli Lewton’s house.

Navigating the publishing industry is a never-ending adventure. Mel’s love of books and the written word and a passion for preserving the quality and integrity of them in the age of increasing entropy keep her on her toes. She enjoys speaking engagements and has given talks providing insights to authors about the inner workings of the publishing industry. On the writing front, she’s published local interest articles in the Oakland County Times and volunteered as a copyeditor with Hippocampus Magazine.

She is a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association Advocacy Committee. Mel lives in Clarkston with her favorite people and dogs and enjoys feeding them all. Read more about Mel’s background and personal interests here.



Support Staff

Allison Janicki, Production Assistant
Allison is an artist, writer, reader, editor, designer, library technician, half-marathoner, sub-par ukulele player and cat lover with a passion for books. She has had art, poetry and essays published in The Sonder Review, Goat’s Milk Magazine, Storm Cellar, Volney Road Magazine, Voice of Eve, Random Sample and Borrowed Solace. She came across Scribe on a fluke, but the timing was perfect to hop on board and dive into the world of publishing that she had always dreamed about. You can find Allison on YouTube, Instagram and Goodreads.

Inanna Arthen, interior text layout and ebook conversion
Grace Edinger, editorial support
Ryan Getz, design and web support
Maria Petrenko (Hadrout Advertising + Technology), design
John Wincek (Aerocraft Art), design

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