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A creative tool for the creative writer

What happens when you meld an author and a computer programmer?  Innovation!  (And wouldn’t “The Medici Effect” author Frans Johansson be proud?)  Simon Haynes is a published sci-fi author who has a few decades experience as a programmer.  His worlds collided and a word processing program called yWriter was born.  yWriter helps authors break their writing up into sections (think chapters or scenes), while also tracking their work.  Much like software programs comprise numerous modules of various functions, yWriter breaks writing up into drag-and-drop-able scenes, chapters, characters, and more!

The latest version, yWriter5, is available as freeware (though, happy users can register their copies if they wish to support Simon).  Detailed installation instructions are provided for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

A favorable review of yWriter was featured on CNET several years ago, and one novelist praised yWriter even compared to commercial softwares with similar functionality.

Oh, and while this word processing tool was created with fiction writing in mind, it’s applicable to everything from playwriting to non-fiction.  Now go grab your free copy – happy writing!



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