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Cave in the Rock (Folktellers Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook, Book Two)


Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook
Book Two: Cave in the Rock

By Josef Bastian


“. . . a polished, thoroughly engaging fantasy for tweens and young adults.”
Foreword Reviews

Some things should never be opened . . . ever.

You have been warned. In Book I: Phases of the Moon, we discovered that Folktellers are travelers of time and space, sharing the stories people need to hear. Much has been revealed since Aaron, Wendy and Jake first uncovered Pap’s secret and learned the importance of the phases of the moon.

But their adventures are far from over. In Book II: Cave in the Rock, Aaron continues to learn what it means to be a Folkteller, while Wendy makes new friends and discovers that stories can be just as powerful and dangerous in her own dimension. Elsewhere in the Folktellers Universe, an ancient evil continues to fester, as more phantoms try to claw their way out of the Shadow Realm in pursuit of the mysterious Guidebooks.

In a tale where three worlds collide, Aaron, Wendy, Jake and Eddie Little Bear must come to grips with the fact that their troubles are growing, their lives are intertwined, and an even greater horror waits for them—just inside the Cave in the Rock.

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Josef Bastian

Josef Bastian is Midwest author and poet whose sense of humor, depth of spirit and reflective imagination resonate within his poetry and prose. Josef currently has more than a dozen books in print that focus on the power of storytelling for people of all ages.