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Folktellers: Books One and Two + Nain Rouge Water Bottle Bundle


Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook
Book One: Phases of the Moon
Book Two: Cave in the Rock
Nain Rouge Water Bottle (Free!)

By Josef Bastian


“. . . a polished, thoroughly engaging fantasy for tweens and young adults.”
Foreword Reviews

Every Spring, the city of Detroit hosts a Marche Du Nain Rouge to ward off the evil creature who haunts the city. In celebration of Detroit’s ability to prevail in the face of evil, we are giving away one free Nain Rouge water bottle with every purchase of Books 1 and 2 of Folktellers: Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook (for as long as supplies last). Josef Bastian is no stranger to the legend of Nain Rouge. In 2009, he published an award-winning book titled Nain Rouge: The Red Legend. The book follows two teenagers who strive to protect themselves and their city from the evil tricks of the Nain Rouge.

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Josef Bastian

Josef Bastian is Midwest author and poet whose sense of humor, depth of spirit and reflective imagination resonate within his poetry and prose. Josef currently has more than a dozen books in print that focus on the power of storytelling for people of all ages.