Age range: 12 and up
Paperback, 304 pages
Book II of the Legacy in Legend series

From the back of the book:
Jeni thought she could deny her ability; forget the spirit world. Except the spirit world didn’t forget her…

After her harrowing experience with the mythic underwater monster, Jeni Stonewall intends to discover the nature of her newfound spiritual ability. But debilitating nightmares derail her search, leaving Jeni desperate to go back to normal life. Then her boyfriend, Ice, doesn’t show up to join her on vacation and she discovers that he’s not only been abducted, but cursed—a curse that makes him a threat to Jeni’s life. The quest for answers leads to an evil entity from Irish and Celtic legend that has been exacting vengeance for centuries. To best this formidable foe, Jeni will have to accept her “new normal” and embrace ancient druid magic if she hopes to break the curse before it takes her life.

“Fast-paced and plot-focused.” -Kirkus Reviews

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