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Submission Guidelines

See below for what we’re looking for and the timeline you can expect to hear back. 

If you are contacting us for another reason other than submissions, please visit the contact page. 

We are open to agented material and submissions directly from writers. Queries should be directed to Allison at submissions (at) scribe-publishing (dot) com. Please note that since we are located in the U.S., we are most likely to sign U.S.-based authors.

Timing—what to expect:

We use IPG for national book distribution. IPG allows us to list new titles three times per year, in accordance with their sales catalogs. Our editorial meetings occur quarterly, during which we will decide upon possible titles to list for publication. It is our goal to reject the material we know is not a good fit on a monthly basis. We will address submissions that might be a good match for us after those meetings.

How to submit fiction:

In prior program years, we partnered with the We Need Diverse Books initiative, and we are interested in supporting the call to publish diverse works. We are particularly interested in fresh YA fiction. Fiction authors should be able to demonstrate that they are active online and willing to help grow their platforms. In particular, in the contemporary YA genre, we are looking for gritty, authentic and underrepresented voices. Otherwise in YA fiction, we are interested in new takes on magical realism, urban fantasy, etc. If it’s the kind of story a reader gets lost in, send it over.

Please check back to this page often as we work to define what kind of fiction we’re looking for. If you’re ready to query, email Allison your genre, query and first five pages at submissions (at) scribe-publishing (dot) com.

How to submit non-fiction:

We only accept submissions by email. All fiction and non-fiction submissions should include an author platform (unsure? See this or this).

  • For non-fiction: Paste your query letter, nonfiction book proposal, author platform and one sample chapter into the body of your email to submissions (at) scribe-publishing (dot) com. Please do not attach any files.
  • If submitting a memoir or other creative non-fiction, please feel free to reach out to us in the planning stages with a proposal, but we would also expect to see the full manuscript of a memoir.

Non-fiction we’re particularly interested in at this time:

  • Michigan, Great Lakes Regional or Midwestern travel guides
  • Memoirs, especially unorthodox travel-related or wanderlust memoirs; memoirs dealing with immigration issues; or modern-day addiction stories, especially if it relates to contemporary issues such as cannabis culture, kratom, opioid use, etc, or accounts of alternative therapies, such as using psilocybin in addiction recovery
  • Offbeat humor, such as a wry addiction memoir about giving up wheat
  • Detroit history and culture (or, by extension, Great Lakes regional history and culture)
  • Whole foods cookbooks with a modern hook
  • Narrative nonfiction

Other non-fiction genres we’re currently interested in:

  • Body, Mind & Spirit (Ancient Mysteries, Controversial Knowledge, Supernatural, Unexplained Phenomena)
  • Business & Economics (Advertising, Marketing & Promotion, Business Communication, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Small Business, Time Management)
  • Cooking, Cookbooks & Entertaining
  • Crafts & Hobbies
  • Health & Fitness
  • House & Home
  • Humor (Essays, Business & Professional, Cultural, Ethnic & Regional, History, Politics, Travel)
  • Nature
  • Pets
  • Self-Help
  • Social Science
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Travel (General, Adventure, Special Interest, Essays & Travelogues)

A note about what we’re not looking for:

  • We are probably not open to children’s books younger than Middle Grade, picture books, poetry, academic or religious material.
  • We are not able to consider any previously published material, without exception.
  • We love designing covers. Please do not submit a finished cover or a formatted book with your query.

As a policy, we carefully review all submissions and will reply to each one. Please be patient, and if you haven’t yet heard from us and have accepted another offer, we appreciate a note that you are retracting your query. The relationship between a publisher and an author should not be made lightly, as it’s a large financial investment on our part and should be a large time commitment, taken seriously, on your part.