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Unreliable: A Novel of Suspense by Molleen Zwiker

This book is no longer in print with Scribe Publishing Company. To purchase directly from the author, email jennifer (at) scribe-publishing (dot) com.


That old family joke.  Said hundreds of times by one or another of us.  Just a flippant, smart-assed remark.  A quick comeback. Clever.  Witty.  Off-handed.  Predictable and therefore comfortable.  Comforting.  The signal of the end of a rant. “God, I could’ve just killed her.”

Or him, as the case may be.

Or him.

Then the comeback, perfectly timed.   Two beats, and the other would say, “But what would you do with the body?”

Only this time, no one laughed.

Meet the author, Molleen Zwiker.