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What we’re looking for in non-fiction book proposals

For many people, submitting a non-fiction book proposal can be a daunting task. If you spend some time searching for tips, the process might get even more confusing, as you run across contradicting advice and varying guidelines.

I can’t speak for any other publishers or agents, but this is what I’m most interested in seeing:

  • A detailed outline of the entire book, and a full sample chapter.
  • Market/competitive analysis: What are the most similar books to what you’re proposing on the market today? Before you answer, “There aren’t any!” please take a deeper look. Find 2-3 titles that are similar to what you’re proposing, and tell us why your title is different. Why is your topic timely? Who is your anticipated audience?
  • Describe your current platform, including any social media presence or other connections that will enable you to reach a wide audience. Do you have a blog? Facebook page? How many fans and followers do you have? What is your web traffic like? If you haven’t started your author platform, what are your plans and specific timeline to start building one?
  • What tactics are you willing and planning to take on to promote your book?

Thanks, and happy writing!